Meet Ansen

So here is my real little blue cow a couple minutes after he entered the world last summer. My son was born with Mongolian Spots which are flat, bluish skin markings. According to his pediatrician, it occurs more in Asian and African American babies.  Don’t worry these are not a disease and will eventually fade away in a couple years. I guess you can say, these are more like birth marks. Could it be genetic? I’m not sure but my husband has an aunt that said he was quite spotted blue too.

Ansen is 10 months now and they are still very distinct looking on him, especially his legs as you can see.  My husband and I have received many looks and lots of questions regarding these spots. The funniest one came from a nurse. A NURSE. She asked if we had dipped him in some type of dye because different cultures have different practices. I almost bursted out laughing because “you are a nurse working under a pediatrician and you don’t what these are?” Anyways, I contained myself and explained that we did not dye him and he was born this way. But honestly, I am quite hesitant when I dress him in an onesie or short because I don’t want the label ABUSER on me since I’m sure that will be the first thing that comes to people’s minds. Thank you for being worried, but I think if anyone is going to hit their kid until their legs are this blue, they are not going to parade them around pantless. Just saying, you know.


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