Almost 11 months

On Saturday, Ansen will be 11 months. Woot woot! He is definitely growing so fast and I’m pretty excited to celebrate his 1st birthday. Right now, he is still unsteady with his walking because he would rather crawl since its faster to get places. Usually after a couple steps, he does full lunges toward the person in front of him. Smart kid though because if there isn’t a person, he’ll grab the closest object of support. I hope by his birthday party, he can somewhat wobble a little bit more so that he can actually play some games and not crawl all over the grass. Speaking wise, Ansen can say a few words: mama, maw maw (bottle), ball and bath. Then he signs for “please” and “more” and then points to whatever else he wants. lol Even though he can’t say it, he knows what I’m saying  when I say BearBear & Berta (stuffed bear and sheep), ba ba (blankie) and nite nite. Oddly though, when I tell him to look for me (mama), he gives me a confused look as he looks from side to side versus where he will race over to his stuffed animals when I say their names.

Ohh…and he definitely likes Elmo. After we’re done watching a clip, his little hand will pat his chest (signing for please) indicating that he wants to watch more. He’s such a cutie that I can’t get over it and give in, then we end up staying forever in bed watching re-runs of Elmo’s Got the Moves on our ipod.


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