Happy J4!

Celebrated today with a ton of good food that I got a food coma from it. Too bad I didn’t take a picture of it before it was devoured. Ansen had way too much fruits today. His mouth was constantly chewing and his wee little hands were always grasping from the fruit bowl. Especially since many of them are “ball” shaped, he loves them even more hence the picture on top. Now that he has 3 teeth, he’s chomping on everything that he can get his hands on.  I’m sure he went into a food coma too because he has been asleep for the past two hours and I’m sure much more. It was at least 100 degrees today and so suffocating to be outside. I’m glad that I’m sitting in my AC filled apartment right now and not baking myself outside. Hopefully, by the time we watch the fireworks, it’ll be cool.

Ohh….and I just remembered something funny that Ansen did the other day. When he woke up, I put him down on the floor so he can play around on the floor while we lay in bed. Usually he’s pretty good and roams over to my underwear drawer and empties it out or play with the fan. Instead, after a few silent minutes we heard a scream that came from right UNDER us. Yeng and I quickly jumped off to the side and he was not there. Yeng raised the bed skirt off our bed and surely Ansen was stuck under the bed in the middle part. We had to coax him to army crawl back out safely. That little booger scared the crap out of us. Hopefully he now knows that he doesn’t fit under the bed. lol

Hope you all had a fun and safe J4!


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