Tonight…he’s grown

Tonight as I was staring at Ansen, I couldn’t believe how much he has grown and tears started pooling. guys know the feeling right? In 19 days, it will mark the day he entered our lives last year and the amazing, life changing moment. As I look through his month old pictures seeing his progress in growth and developing personality, it melts and pains my heart at the same time. Oh how I wish how he would stay my tiny little blue cow. Since school has ended, my primary responsibility has been a stay at home mom playing with and entertaining Ansen every day.  It has been a very blessed opportunity to do so and strengthen our bond. Before, I was anti-stayathomemom. I don’t know….I just felt that I would be too confined especially since I DO NOT want to be conformed to be the traditional housewife/mom. I want a career, independence and something to work for. But now, I have learned to enjoy the the flexibility and found the luxury to experience my son growing up. I definitely do not want to reflect 5 years from now and realize that I did not slow down to enjoy each little step of the way. Now…I will admit that I would love to be a stay at home mom ❤



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