Shower Talk

To shower…or not to shower with your child, that is the shower talk. Before Ansen was born, Yeng clearly defined that he would never shower with our children because it’s too embarrassing. The thought of being nude in front of our child…he was kind of weirded out. However, yesterday was a different story. We had come home from the park and in a rush to go to our friends’ place. To have three of us take different showers/baths would take too much time, so I suggested Yeng to shower with Ansen. Surprisingly, he agreed. Even though Ansen didn’t like the shower that much, things seem to go smoothly for them. They both came out clean and happy. I, on the other hand have always been fine with it. I gave birth to him so showering is not in any way an invasion of mine or an embarrassment. Yeng and I change in front of him..I don’t see a difference with showering.

So the next question would be…at what age would you stop showering with them? I would say….2years at the most. Idk….I feel like he will start to talk more and definitely be curious.Ā  I will not avoid the conversation rather I’ll start educating about body parts and touch thereon.

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