Elmo Birthday Party

I was able to retrieve the pictures sooner than I thought so here they are! We did an Elmo theme since Ansen has a huge love for him. There were many guests that joined us so it was a lot of work but rewarding day at the end. I look super tired in the pictures because I was awake since 5:30am due to excitement and just couldn’t fall back asleep. The prepping started super early since we wanted first dibs at the park. It was supposed to storm but thank goodness it didn’t and instead gave us plenty of sunshine. Ansen was very overwhelmed by the commotion and attendees that he was not smiley at all hence the blank looks in the pictures. I do hope he will be happier at his future birthdays. 😛

Birthday Boy wearing his customized shirt made by Mommy

The back

Party favors and gifts

Winner of the games won Dorothy

For food we had kao pia,

papaya salad,

and watermelon balls

Sesame Street yellow cake that was supposed to have strawberry filling :/

1st birthday pinata that was different from your traditional one. This one has a trap door at the bottom. One of the ribbons when pulled will release the trap door and voila! Lots of candy for the kiddies. Safer alternative then hitting it.

Pin the Nose on Elmo game

Pose before we blow the candles

He did NOT like them singing Happy Birthday to him at all. Little guy even tried covering his ears. lol

He was happier after I fed him his first taste of cake

opening gifts

his two current favorite things: Elmo and ball

After the party, we decided to take some quick family shots. Here’s a big kiss to our favorite boy 😀

Our little family


6 thoughts on “Elmo Birthday Party

  1. Awww this is too cute… I didn’t even know you guys were doing his birthday. This was at Bluegill Park in Wausau correct? I was home that weekend too =( But Happy Belated birthday to Ansen!! =D

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