Update….what has MLBC been up to?

It has been so long since my last post here! My apologies. Since summer ended, school and work picked up right away so it has been a hectic last couple of months. I finally found the motivation to write again after observing many accomplishments from Ansen. This blog is to capture his growth and moments and I want to continue doing that. So what has he been up to?! Well he is 14 months now and still so precious. His kisses are more intentional now and happen more frequently with a loud smack of the lips to end it with. His signing is amazing, I’m so proud of him! Before, I wrote about teaching him “poo poo” and “thank you” and I would say it has been really successful. Every day, when he is about to or is finished doing his business he pats his little behind trying to catch our attention. I just pulled out his training potty this past weekend and he loves it. He has the Safety 1st Little Men Working Potty. He will sit on it with his diaper on grunting and laughing. I haven’t caught him fast enough to put him on it to empty his bowels but I do pour water in it for him activating the sensors that there has been a deposit. Therefore, making lots of truck noises and flushing sounds. It gets him even more excited and riled up. Right now, I’m just having him be comfortable with the training potty first before we get to the nitty gritty of potty training. I love that he knows how to put the cover down when he’s done too. lol

As for signing “thank you,” he mostly does it after kisses but it’s still adorable. Will he be a good mannered boy in the future? Maybe yes. Maybe no. But I believe this is a good sign to showing his appreciation for things and people.

Halloween is coming up soon! Can anyone guess he will be? haha The answer is super easy 😛

Here are some recent pictures:


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