[Official] Mom Conversation of the Day (MCOTD #1)

So I wanted to start these MCOTD to display the amusing conversations that I have with Ansen. They are never ending especially being three years old. His recent one that made me LOL was:

A: Where does pee pee come from?

Me: It comes from your penis. (Yes, I teach him the proper terms for his anatomy)

A: No! It comes from my mouth.

Me: Uhh…no from your penis.

A: NOOOO! My mouth. See? (points to his mouth) I drink a lot then it goes all the way down. Pee pee comes from my mouth

Me: Ok ok (really LOL at this moment)

A: What funny Mommy? (with a blank face)

He’ll probably feel embarrassed in the future knowing that I shared this with the world. But as a mom, I can’t help it šŸ™‚


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