Meet Payton

This girl is my shadow. My smiling star. My tutu gal. Having her just adds so much sparkle to us. She is gentle and sweet. Like seriously, how could a baby be so obsessed with other babies! lol

When I was pregnant with Payton, I just had this feeling; like a gut instinct that she was going to be a needy and attached baby. And surely she is! She loves to be held and demands it ALL THE TIME. She won’t let me leave her sight. She’s constantly following me everywhere. I have bumped into her so many times because I’ll walk to the fridge, grab something, and turn around and BAM! She’s right behind me. Face inches from my butt. She cries. I pick her up and she’s okay. She has also scared me countless times too by doing that.

Gosh I love her. I feel so blessed that I have a daughter to call my own. Don’t get me wrong. I love Ansen too just as much. But there’s a different connection with another girl.






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