Arguing and bargaining with your kids takes so much energy and can be quite hilarious sometimes. I’ve come to realize that I am always wrong no matter what I say. I can’t wait till Payton can actually speak because it will be double the trouble. Kind of and not really looking forward to their sibling quarrels. Here are a few recent conversations I’ve had with Ansen recently:

Ansen: How about five candy?

Me: Only three.

Ansen: No! Ten!

Me: Three

Ansen: Okay how about two?

Me: Sure 🙂



Ansen: What’s his name? (points to an orange toy)

Me: Ummm…I don’t know. Henry?

Ansen: No. What’s his name?

Me: I really don’t know. David?

Ansen: No. It’s called Orangey. His name is Orangey.



Ansen: What is this eye for? (points to his eye)

Me: To see.

Ansen: No, it’s to watch tv. What is this mouth for?

Me: To talk.

Ansen: No, it’s to eat. What is this hand for?

Me: To…..hold things????

Ansen: No, it’s to feed yourself.